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Ways you can make an impact

Thank you for your interest in joining HER for Humanity in making an impact on the lives of those in extreme poverty. Those in extreme poverty lack productive resources to live sustainable lives. They face hunger and malnutrition, lack access to education and healthcare, and even basic needs such as clothing, clean water, or shelter. According to the UN by 2030, over 160 million children are at risk of living in extreme poverty. Our work together through sustainable development plays a significant role in eradicating this level of poverty. The decision of doing this type of work is one of the best decisions you will ever make. You will learn a lot about sustainable development (project development, implementation, and evaluation) and why it matters. Here are ways you can get involved:

Become an Ambassador for Humanity
Support us on AmazonSmile
Collection of Vital Resources
Skills and Talents
Project Development    
Mission Trips


We need funding to provide services and resources to those who need it most. Currently, all the overhead costs are absorbed by the board members of HER for Humanity so that means 100% of donations goes directly towards the projects. It costs $1,500 to cover 1 month of free education, learning materials, and hot lunches to students daily.

Become an Ambassador for Humanity

Hvelp to spread awareness and raise funds for sustainable development. Put together a team or group to raise $1500 for a month’s worth of education, nutrition, and health resources for children. It only take 12 teams to feed, educate, and sustain and entire school for a year. Some suggestions on how to accomplish this:
⦁    Donate you birthday
⦁    Create a social media fundraising campaign
⦁    Bake sale

Support us on AmazonSmile

Tell all your family, friends, and colleagues to add “HER for Humanity Inc”  as your charity of choice, and AmazonSmile will donate a portion of your eligible purchase price to our organization. Simply start your shopping at ⦁ to confirm. These small actions can take us a long way.

Collection of Vital Resources

We solicit and receive in-kind donations which keeps costs down. These resources provide immediate relief for those who are in desperate need. Children often roam the streets without clothing in search of food, and these donations help to provide immediate support to families who are unable to provide for their themselves.

⦁    School Supply Drive- Books, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, copy paper, musical instruments, etc
⦁    Clothing Drive
⦁    Hygiene Kits- tooth brushes, toothpaste, soap, mouthwash, medical supplies, etc.
⦁    Toy Drive for the Christmas Holiday
⦁    Physical Education and Sports Supplies
⦁    Non-perishable food

Skills and Talents

We need your help. Your special skills and talents are very valuable to us. Your skills can be used to have a profound effect on our mission. Do you have experience or skills in the following areas or any that might not be mentioned? 

⦁    Web design
⦁    Writing/Story Telling- Help write the narrative of who we are helping, how we are doing this, and why this is do important. Work on special projects like grant writing, newsletter creation, solicitation letters for supplies, and other pieces used for multi-media use. 
⦁    Social media manager/influencer- If you are passionate and would like to help 
⦁    Artist
⦁    Expertise in a specific area like Science or Math

Your knowledge and abilities may support our overall efforts.

Project Development    

You can have a voice and impact the way we help empower communities through sustainable development. We first identify the needs of the community and we create a project or program that will help sustain the community long after we have completed the project.

⦁    Solar Energy Project
⦁    School Garden Project/Composting/Recycling Program
⦁    Girl/Women Empowerment Activities
⦁    STEAM Projects
⦁    Music Program
⦁    Curriculum Enhancement
⦁    Community Engagement
⦁    Peace Promotion
⦁    Awareness of Human Trafficking
⦁    Any other project ideas that you may be passionate about, local or international.

Mission Trips

Your safety is our highest priority, due to COVID-19 our group mission trips are on hold. We hope to resume such activities later on in the year. More information about trip activities and costs will be available once we resume.

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